Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pictures Mtito Andei, Chyulu Hills, Kenya

The new homes of President Simon and his mother, wife, child and brothers.  He has yet to build his own home, a short distance from here.  His mother's home is also being built to the left of this house.

Jim and President Simon.

Elder Shakespeare with Simon's mom, wife and child.

These are airplane seat frames that Simon's father found many years ago.

Jim working on his reports at poolside at our hotel.

The map of the existing water project and places where they'd like a new tank and borehole to provide the increasing population with water closer to their homes.
Our shower floor that requires footwear; it also doesn't drain so you are standing in a few inches of water.

Trees in Kenya are magnificent.

They want another tank and borehole to accommodate the growing population.
Elder Shakespeare had the locals make him a sandal out of tires like they often do here.  They weren't too comfortable so he's going to have to have a bit of a re-working.  

Elder Shakespeare bought this club from the man that guards the borehole.  This group is very careful with their stuff!  But now that he doesn't have a club, how is he going to defend himself?
This man was wearing this jacket because he was leading us on his motorcycle and Africans have different blood than we do--they get very cold when it isn't really all that cold.
These ladies are here to fetch water.  Shortly after this the caretaker showed up to collect money and went into the kiosk.  They give a small amount to the caretaker and uses the rest to sustain the project.  This group is very well organized and is the group that wants us to give them one more borehole and one tank for water storage.
This cute little boy was terrified of us; love the way some daddy's take care of their children.
Jim didn't last long pumping water...
I took this picture because it is where they want one of the new boreholes and the name of this place is called California!
This was a solar powered pump, but it didn't last very long so they changed it into a hand pump.  Note that they can also water their animals at the same time.
At the other chapel there was only one garden; at this chapel there were many vegetables being grown, but they were starving for water.  The Branch President said that they for some reason just didn't know how to turn the water on.
This is one of the ladies who came to work the garden or shamba as it is called in Swahili.
Jim had them cut the locks off these containers that were on church property--he found a lot of leftover water well materials that could be used on projects....hmmm....why did these end up here?
Our visit with David Maluti.

He also had bow and arrows--Elder Shakespeare said he might buy those too.

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