Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More pictures, Sierra Leone, home again.

 The following pictures were all given out in Bo at an orphanage where most of the children were handicapped.  We gave out dolls, pillowcase dresses, some soccer uniforms & Happy Factory Cars.
 This little gal was always happy!  When I visited the next day briefly same came up to me, showing me her new dress.  The previous dress was so ripped she had to hold it on her.

 So cute!  A doll and a dress.
 This baby was just born to the daughter of the lady who runs the orphanage.
 Cuttest little kid with the smallest crutches.

 Lady in the back, right, is the director of this orphanage.  She was very kind and grateful.
 Turay's car was being pushed, which was futile--finally it was discovered that two of the boys had stolen Tury's diesel, so no wonder it wouldn't run!  They also crossed the lines underneath so it took a while to find this problem, among others.  Turay says, "These Africans, they always try to cheat you!!"
 This is the top of the new building shown below.  You can see the beach in the distance.  This is one of Turay's new buildings next to his new house.  It is a continuing work in progress.

 This is the tiny path we walked on in the rain while trying to find the orphanage that didn't exist.  We giggled, soaked, all the way back to the car!  The chief apparently wanted us to do an orphanage...

 We found an orphanage down the Grafton Road.  We gave dolls and pillowcase dresses to these happy girls.
 The boys at the orphanage received Happy Factory cars.
 This is the polio orphanage in Grafton.  They are eating their lunch in the hallway on the tile floor, no utensils. 
 This cute, friendly little boy grabbed my dress after crawling to me, putting his greasy hands all over my skirt because he had just finished eating.  He was so adorable! 
 This is one of the directors.  Each person there, working or being taken care of, had polio.  Next to him is the donation of some pillowcase dresses.
 This little boy had been there only two weeks.  They said he was a 'throw away', which means his parents dumped him.  He was casted from toe to thigh.  Heartbreaking, yes?
 Just outside the orphanage these boys played soccer in this heavy rainstorm.
 Jim with his mosquito zapper.  It really crackled when you connected with one--it was fun, and at the Country Lodge in Freetown, there are lots to kill.
 Coming home, across the water from Freetown to the airport.  We drove on the ferry so that the Patterson's could drive us to the airport on the other side.
  Visiting with Elder & Sister Patterson on the ferry.  They are the office couple for the Mission President.
The seats must only be in the back, but it looks a little precarious...

Finally home so can add more pictures from Makeni, Kenema & Freetown, Sierra Leone

 Jim asked these boys to clear the dirt away from the well so he gave them a little bit of money to do that and told them we would be back to check up on them, which we didn't do.  I told them I knew they were strong and to show me their muscles.  They don't quite have the pose down like they do in the U.S.

 Above: Will this fence work?  I don't think so...
 This well was in a very busy marketplace and they were pumping all the time.  It had been raining so it was very wet and muddy in this squeezed place.
 This marketplace did not care for their well and our team was very unhappy with them.  When another pump head got stolen they decided to take this one out and give it to those who would take care of this gift.
 Honest, we're going to finish the fence...sometime...
 Turay thought this little boy was so cute with his over-sized button-down shirt...we agree...
 Beautiful children!
 Jim bought their fish but didn't take any fish--such cute kids!
 Many people surprised us and put block walls around their wells.
 A baby for her baby...

 He looks like a fly on the wall...what a way to hitch a ride!
 This little girl was terrified of us, but the mommy wanted her in the picture.  She even knew how to position everyone, including making sure the doll's face was looking at the camera.
 These boys look so sedate, but you should have seen them before and after this picture, doing a wild, happy jig...
 A blanket for the brand new baby on her back.
 In Kenema--Jim with Amarachi & Jonathan's little girls.  The older girl has changed her name to Jessica.  Alberta is on Jim's left.
 While looking at older wells in Kenema we ran into Lucia (hygiene trainer) and her friend as they were walking to the chapel to do some work, probably cleaning.  Lucia's husband and grandmother both joined the church a couple of months ago.
 She told me she wanted a boy...
 This little boy wants to pump water too!  He might have to wait awhile.
 A little boy playing with his Happy Factory car.
 Our new bathroom in Kenema at the Capitol Hotel...they forgot the most important thing--hot water!
 Some of the little girls in Primary at the Kenema Branch posing with their pillowcase dresses.  Alberta didn't get one (they don't need one) and she is not happy about it!
 More Primary girls in Kenema Branch with new dresses.
 I was trying to have a picture with just some training ladies, but everyone wants to get in the act.  Messie is on the far right, me next to her looking like Carmen Miranda (Amarachi gave me African dresses);  Lucia on my right, Amarachi second from left.
 Part of our training team with Amarachi, after we gave them their certificates, a big thing in Africa.
 A man brought us to this well that he'd like us to cover--people are not too careful in Africa.   This was a deep, open well, surrounded by foilage so you can't see the hole; it had a couple of logs over the opening.   We suggested he cover it till someone can put on a pump!
 Cute little kids in a tree.
 The little boy just below Jonathan told me that the last time we were there we gave him a new shirt. 
 Crazy day at the pump: people were yelling and swearing and praying for gas on the big Muslim holiday where most gas stations were not open.
 Jim gave this kid more money than the gas was worth, so that he didn't waste his entire day at the pump line.  Turay told the gas station owner how important it was for us to get gas now, so he let us buy some from this kid.  He kept a little bit for his motorbike.
The city council told these people they'd bring the jack hammer to remove the rock so they could have their well.  Typical--it has been over a year and they haven't kept their promise.
These children sang me a song while I waited in the car--they sang their Christian song, "My God, He is a handsome God..."