Friday, January 8, 2016

Snorkeling photos, Lelepa Island reserve

Above and below, trying to capture the beautiful colors on the protected coral.  It is much larger than it looks to be here in the pictures, and the colors are more vivid.  Never before have I been as excited to look at coral as I did looking for fish.

The boat that took us to the preserve and where we jump overboard.  The water is such a beautiful color! These pictures were taken by E/S Leben when they took their visiting children to this place and had an underwater camera.

Above and below, just some of the beautiful, tropical fish in these waters.

Above and below, the protected coral.  It is much larger in 'real life' than it looks here. 

We could not believe all the beautiful colors of coral.  We had never seen anything like this.

I could hardly wait to get these pictures; it brings back a very exciting moment in time!