Friday, May 15, 2015

Pictures, Dar es Salaam

We checked out the water problems for this school but also saw an interesting problem with the latrines, that were only 1 year old and done by the government.  The latrines are on steady ground, but the walkways are collapsing, making using the latrines unsafe for the children.  We thought that we could repair their water project and also rebuild the walkway and outer walls of the latrines.

This is the same school.  The solar powered water project has stopped working, and only after one year.  We will see what the problem is, solar or something else and repair it, this time hooking it up to the recently installed electrical power.

The walkway on one side of the latrines.

One of our churches.  We stopped by since we could use the bathroom, are real one--such a pleasure.

This is John's shop that his wife runs on the side to help make ends meet.

John with his pretty wife Grace.  He works on visas for the missionaries, was head of the translation committee for the D&C, and also is assigned to humanitarian work and is why he is taking us around to see possible projects.  It was fun hearing his conversion story.  He joined 10 months before Grace.  He had quite a lovely story to tell about how they earned money to go to the temple and have their family sealed to them.  They had 2 children at the time.

We will never cease to enjoy a giggle, seeing how people get around in Africa.

We ran into surprisingly few bad roads like this car-eating street.  John at one point apologized as we bumped along one bad road and I told him we wouldn't feel like it was Africa if we only drove on smooth roads.  But bad roads were not the problem.  It was the traffic that limits our ability to look at projects--we left at 8:30 in the morning, didn't return till 5 PM, and still only saw 3 project areas.

One school with over 4,000 students didn't need water--they needed classrooms and desks.  We found many students studying under a tree on the dirt.  We are turning this possible project over to E/S Shakespeare to see if they can do an Area Project for this school.

While checking out a new community for a mechanized borehole we found these boys washing their daddy's shoes in the rainwater.

There is a builder in this area who needs sand to build all his houses that he then sells.  This is where the sand or earth used to be up to--we can't even imagine using this much sand!  The area is quite large.

This is the area where we might do a borehole.  The government has to bring the electrical power closer and then maybe we will help them out.  This is the area where they took all the sand.

John brought us around to the beach.  It has been years since we've been here.  He also seemed intent on getting us to stay at the Double Tree.  I think he is convinced that we will be very delighted.   If I can book it myself through a 'cheap' site, I will do that.  It really is beautiful here by the beach.

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