Friday, May 22, 2015

Pictures from Kibera Slum, Nairobi

Sights in Kibera Slum, Nairobi above and below.

No wonder they have a cholera problem here.

At the school, new latrines, isn't this an interesting urinal?  It is made from an upside down heavy duty plastic bottle!

I have always felt sorry for the dogs in Africa.  They all look a bit like they are starving.  The new mom is lying down and the pups want to be fed.  They all like like their daddy.

Most dwellings in the slums are made of the iron sheets, mud and sticks.

A view of the tops of the houses in Kibera.

The river running through Kibera.

This is a pathway in between the school buildings, but is typical of the walkways in the slum.

An Asian concern is developing composting toilets.  This is one in Kibera.  The building on the left is where they collect the money to use the toilet on the right.

The toilet building.

It looks as bad as it smells.

They use plastic bags for their starter plants.

The waste ends up in buckets below the latrine.  Leaves and such are added to the sludge.

These are the composting bins used to make the sludge into fertilizer.

They use the fertilizer to grow their vegetables in this greenhouse.

It takes 6 months to turn the sludge into fertilizer.  They say that this is a successful project.

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