Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pictures Kilungu Hills, Kenya

The beautiful Kilungu Hills

This is the walking entrance to the Kyambeke Church building and used to be the only way you could get there.

The new signboard leading to the Kyambeke building.

The new driving entrance into the Kyambeke building (see blue building in the background.

Inside the chapel in Kyambeke--haven't been there for many years.

The District President and his Councilor, who took us around Kilungu Hills.  These men still remembered us from 10 years ago.

One of the schools perched in the hills where Shakespeare's want to help with desks and latrines.

A little student climbing back up the hill from the latrines.  

A kiln below the school for firing their homemade bricks.

The school in the hills.

Inside one of the classrooms.

A rain catchment that was no longer working and they didn't seem to have the money to fix it till the government gives them their yearly monies.  They might use the money to plaster a few floors and fix part of the roof.

This was a skylight because they couldn't see very well in the classroom.  It appeared to be a see-through part of the roof.

All the blackboards were full of great teaching techniques and were in English, no matter how young they were.

Beautiful Kenyan students.

They just don't know how to make concrete last because it is plastered, not poured and this is what you get quite quickly.  Will they ever learn the proper way?

Primary school.

This is a track pit for triple jump, high jump, etc.  They put a few leaves and such in the pit--it doesn't look very soft.

All you see is poverty until you look at the magnificent view.  

Do you think they need a new latrine?

At this school they do have water, but it is only during the rainy season because it is rain catchment.

This is a typical walkway at these schools.  They must be Billy goats.  We had a hard time walking up these, hoping not to slip and hurt ourselves and get embarrassed.

Above and below--this is the way they teach little children how to speak English

They also teach by singing songs.  They sang a cute song about elephants and also had them sing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes."

This is the stream dam--this is why it needs to be filtered.  

This is the pretty stream they wanted to capture the water and send it to tanks and then out to several areas.  

This is at the top of the place where they have the huts with the filtering system (not working), and the huts that house the equipment and generator and house for guard.

One of the huts at the project that didn't go anywhere.  Let's hope the government finishes it.  It would be great if they would fix this project.

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