Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last day in Mtito Andei

Yesterday we saw this old water tank that they said was put there in the 1990's; what a relic!

Above and below: Jim asked David Maluti to take us around to see some old water projects.  The concrete on some of them and crumbled, but amazingly they were still producing water.  Some wells have gone dry because they used to be shallow dip wells, but others have just kept producing clean water after all these years.

This well got flooded by the small lake you see below when they had some serious rains so they put in another well nearby.  After the water receded they started using this one also--it is still producing water.  They are going to redo the concrete around it though.

This young mother and her little one came to fetch clean water from the well that had replaced the flood-damaged well.  Note the man in the background getting water from the small lake.  He will use it to water his garden and his animals.  

We had noted that the furniture we had purchased 10 years ago was no longer in our apartment.  There is a small place in Kambu near Mtito Andei and Chyulu Hills and there we saw our chair and our sofa.  They were both in the most remarkable condition and in fact much better than all the other furniture that we found in the other flats.  It was still stuffed full but comfortable.  What a good choice we made years ago.  The only reason they put it here was because it didn't match the new paint on the walls.

Jim wanted to see the windmill pump that they did probably around 2008 or so.  When we checked it in 2010-11 it was working but we thought it would not last because the pump rod was a little off and we knew it would break.  The headmaster said that it cost a lot to repair it.  The last time it broke they finally received city water so they didn't need to fix it any more.  Note the kids sitting on desks.  They were outside with desks apart from each other while they were being tested.

This is a boy at the school fetching the clean water that the city has provided.  The water is pumped into tanks and then they fetch it at this water point.
We had left our hotel this morning and saw these sites and returned to Nairobi just in time to miss the rainstorm and thus traffic.  We know now that you cannot be driving around Nairobi when it is raining!  Tomorrow we head for the Kilungu Hills.

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