Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just pictures, Dar es Salaam

Jim getting friendly with one of the statues--there are a lot of them at the Colesseum Hotel.
An outdoor restaurant at our hotel.

They are known for their fitness club.  They also have racket ball courts.

The pools we doubt we'll have time to use.

The front of our hotel.

The front of where Isabell's used to live where E/S Wilson are now and it also serves as a District Office.

Is this the John you remember?  It was his smile that made me realize we had worked with him before years ago.

I saw several graves in this one community.  "Mzee" is typically used when addressing an old man.  While at the school the children addressed me with 'Shikamoo'.  They could have added 'mama' for me and 'mzee' for Jim.  The proper response to that respectful greeting is 'Marahaba'.  I didn't like being addressed in this manner because even though it is a sign of respect, it is respect for an old person, which I guess that we really are!

I wondered if this man was paid by the government to pick up garbage or if he got paid by those who wanted to get rid of their garbage--it is the latter.  

Jim letting down the man gently, giving him an indication that we might not fulfill his water project wishes.

This is the result of waste,  big problem in all of Africa because they do not have garbage collection.

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