Monday, September 23, 2013

Sweet Success, in Mongolia

We finally found some beautifully built buildings, that were also selling a lot of water!  This is a dump station, where the truck backs up the ramp and dumps the water.  The tanks are 7,000 liters.  These water points are receiving 1-3 water dumps every day they are open.  They are closed Mondays and Thursdays. 

 They have nice steel doors, and below, notice that they also have interior doors.  

This lady totally decorated her space.  People are hired to sell the water, which they turn over to the government and then receive a set salary.  One lady wanted her place to look nice and didn't want to wait for the government, so painted the interior or her kiosk herself.

Walking toward one of the dump stations.  It was a very cold day today--it was supposed to get up to 46 degrees.  The wind made it feel colder, but it was sunny.

Each one of the buildings looked so nice.

We saw this little one as we walked about.

I can't help taking yet another picture of the city from above.

Sister Nay says that they have these little workout equipment parks all over the place.  There was also a rugged basketball court next to it and other equipment to either play on or work out on.

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