Friday, September 20, 2013

More pictures, Friday travels.

Above and below, a beautiful area where we found a kiosk that was 1 year old.  It reminded us of Park City, Utah.

A property marker that was illegally too close to our kiosk.

There was a major leak inside the kiosk that either the government or the people are to fix.  They didn't bother--certainly these people could do it or the government, very easily.
Decorated stairway for the wedding at our hotel.  We usually eat our breakfast in a certain banquet room, but every other day it is being decorated for yet another wedding so we go back further into another, equally large banquet room.  This hotel is rather large.
Friday evening we attended a cultural show--the costumes were incredible and the talents varied--it covered all the tribes of Mongolia of long ago.  They had singing (throat singing too--what?), dancing, orchestra, and a contortionist.  Too bad they didn't allow picture taking.  Afterwards we went to a restaurant.  All the tables were full so they put us in this room upstairs (note the picture of Marilyn Monroe).  So we ate our dinner here!  
Our hotel is constantly hosting weddings.  This is just one of the decorated cars outside the hotel.

Friday our day began by visiting with the man who is in charge of delivering all the water to the dump stations.  He was very interested in us doing a water project in his area, which was 8 hours away.   He even invited us to go fishing with him!  We told him that for the time being, we wanted to work a little closer to UB.
This is the mission president's wife and her two youngest--the other two are in school.  Both she and her husband served missions in Mongolia as young adults (gee, they still are quite young, aren't they?).

This water project was put in by the Japanese.  Our kiosk is just in front of this.  This is still being used by the people but just for their animals.  Ours is being used for the clean water.

As we traveled around looking for our kiosk, we found this successful water point.  The boy is pushing the water cart carrying his cans with the father following.  

We finally found our kiosk.  The problem is the road to it was fenced off (this project is one year old).  We couldn't figure out why this project was in an area that looked like Park City, Utah.  The homes were large and beautiful--couldn't they do their own water project?  The best thing about the day was finding out who this contractor was--the construction was really good.  And, it is still being used, more in the summertime than in the winter.
This used to be the road into the water point, but in the background you might see a fence.  This was in the middle of a goat pasture.  Check out the home in the background.  Most of the homes in this area were beautiful.  Very few looked poor.

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