Friday, September 20, 2013

More pictures from Mongolia

The living room of a lady that was taking care of one of our water points.

This lady had kept her kiosk clean--she even had a sofa to sit on.  They all have to be heated so that they don't freeze in the winter.

Jim, Mugi, & Elder & Sister Nay--having one of our 'lunchder's (late lunch, early dinner).
Crumbling mortar on a kiosk.
We found some with broken windows--kids, maybe?
The sign used on our kiosks.

They wanted us to put a dump station in this spot, and it was the more feasible place to put one--we thought it might crumble like this shack did.  It was also at the top of a hill.
I always had thought of Yak's as this pretty animal.  Up close and personal they disappointingly a little dirty! (above & below).

This pretty building is connected to a park (below).

There is an elephant statue in the park--they and some other animals are quite revered.  
A plaque on the side of one of our kiosks--this is showing who the contractor was.  If I were him, I might not have put it on the building as the construction was not all that good.

The fascia boards were inferior on all buildings and some parts of them were missing.

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