Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Final day in Monglia

This is a close-up of how the city generates electricity and heat for UB by heating coal.

We wanted to do a project in this district, but this governor only has an industrial area--the project sites were really not needed--we will look further in this same district.

In this area there was one water station that no longer was being used as a dump station--instead, they were getting city water and no one seemed to be suffering.  

The Broadway Pizza has several restaurants in UB.  It is the same place we ate in the 'Marilyn Monroe' room.  The music softly piped in is American.  The other day I had the best salmon meal ever here--and it cost about $10!

It was finally time to leave, so we took a goodbye picture with Elder & Sister Nay and our translator, Mugi.

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