Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Looking for future possible water project sites

This is one of our church buildings--the opening to the left is part of this pretty building.

Above and below, the church building where we attended church on Sunday.  A police station is being built next to it, and from the other (main road), it obscures our building.  The workers saw the finish work on our building and wondered how it was done so well...but from what we've seen, their buildings look pretty good to us.

The side view of our church building.

Mugi & Nay's are standing there with a few politicians and people that came out to meet them.  The politicians like to be seen doing something for the people, and the people want to have a chance to ask for something from their politicians, so everyone is happy to be there.  Note that no one is very warm right now--the wind makes this sunny day a very cold one--almost like it is coming off of snow, except there isn't much snow around.

We always like to visit local kiosks to find out how much water they sell and other information.  This one had just run out of water and they were all waiting for the water truck to show up.  He sells a lot of water at this place.

They are putting in the curb, and then will add an asphalt sidewalk next to it.  We have been surprised at how many good roads they have even in the outskirts of the city.
All the people are trying to sell the last of their vegetables--it is beginning to freeze.

On the left is the wood--the sacks are filled with coal, which most people use for heating and cooking.

We were amazed at the lovely medium strips they have dividing some roads, but after sitting in traffic we wished they'd make them narrower and add more lanes!

As you can see, they city has some pretty good infrastructure--traffic markings on the street, and even a signal.  Note on the left side of the street the lanes are pretty stopped up.  We add an hour leaving and coming back into the city--if it weren't for the traffic we'd save a couple of hours each day.

Note the hygiene instructions painted on the walls of this water station.

We have seen many of these places--it is some kind of Buddhist worship site.  Note on the right side below the brick home with the white fence.  They want to put a borehole on this side of the fence because the water is available on the other side of these homes, which are being blocked by these homes.  They have been asked to sell a narrow strip of land and fence it off so that people could access the water--they won't do it, so they want something on this side of the fence.

In this same area we were told that someone found something-or-other that was ancient on this man's property and so they've set up a dig operation--I wonder if the guy is happy that people are camping on his lawn and digging it up?  Maybe he is getting something for the bother of it.
We liked this spot better than the other one behind the white fence.

They wanted us to build on this landfill area--we told them if we did build, it would be on solid ground in this same area.

We want to add some type of sign on our future water projects, reminding the people about their hygiene training.

It was so warm inside this water station that we all wanted to stay there--she was burning coal and it was toasty!

Look how modern some parts of UB are.

We took Mugi to a late lunch here at the Broadway Restaurant where I had a rummy salmon dinner for about $10!

Tomorrow we travel a bit further to check out one more area and then will pick the best areas to turn in future water projects.  It will be a long day.  Tomorrow night we'll be heading home.

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