Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Towns near Monrovia, Liberia, pictures

 Our Palm Spring Hotel, Monrovia, Liberia.  If you kept walking down in front of the hotel you'd end up at the beach in about a mile.  We found out from Prince that this is the new part and other homes used to occupy this area.  The restaurant area way to the right is where the mission president used to live.  Part of it is now the casino.  In the back they used to play basketball there.
 Some bad concrete work.
 Some good wells.
 Some stolen pump heads.  Bundor says you can train some guys to repair you well, but later they might use their skills to steal the pump.  They tell you they are taking it to repair it, but you never see them again.
 If your kids complain about how hard life is for them, show them this picture.
 Rains had undermined this well and it was breaking apart--it also showed us that they neglected to add the rebar.  
 This marketplace was quite extensive.  Behind it was a used up latrine and a pile of garbage.
 The flies that have just visited the garbage pile are now sitting on the drying fish.
 Meat for sale, what visiting flies bring is free...
 This type of well works for a private home.  It is simple to build and fix.  A rope with cups attached bring up the water as you turn the handle.  All you have to do is fix the rope if it breaks, but is not good for a large community.
 Palm Spring Resort sign.
Right across the street from our hotel is the home of Charles Taylor, who is being tried for war crimes.  Prince told us that what we see is actually just the wall and the house is behind.

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