Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More pictures, Kakata, Liberia

 This little girl was combing out the wigs (rest in the dirt) to be added to the hair at the 'beauty shop'.  Jim told this little girl that he needed one too.  He even found a blond one in a pot nearby.
 This is what those rough blocks look like when building a home.  When they plaster over them, and they often do, you cannot tell how rough the original block really is.
 Cute kids, the older kids often have a baby on their backs.
 In this village we found a man building his own latrine!  They also had dug their own dip well.  Self reliance is hard to come by in Africa!  We will probably give this town a well since they would be able to sustain whatever we give them.
 This man had made his own 'ladder'.  The little spikes that he was using to step on, obviously stabbed him in the arm.  
 A TV antenna!  It looked so out of place in this village!
 This little boy wanted to be in the picture and I could not get him to face the camera when I told the girl to stand sideways to get the shot of the baby on her back.  So cute!
A traveling hardware store!
 This is a library at a college.  They are very tied to the U.S. as you can see both their Liberian flag and ours.
 We found homemade tether ball courts all over the place.  I remember playing this game in elementary school.  Jim was having a game with a local boy.
Block business--they make about 400 a day they say.

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