Friday, January 20, 2012

More pictures from Kenema & Bo

We saw this chart stuck on a wall in a village, so we knew hygiene training was going on there as this was one of the teaching tools they use.
This is also a rare sight anywhere in Africa.  It is what every third world country needs  to prevent cholera--a garbage  truck collection system.
It is not often you see a piece of construction equipment in Africa.
We came across this cement pour in Kenema. We wanted Jonathan to see what we meant by  real, hard  concrete--it is poured wet and has lots of cement in it.  Africans usually mix their cement in the dirt and put it on too dry, causing it to crumble.
This little girl immediately hugged her new 'baby' right to her .
The clinic ladies standing in front of their very nice, new building.
Amarachi about to deliver more baby blankets to several women at  this  clinic.
We love to see wells at clinics because they keep them so clean.
This worker was so far down that I had to grab the crossbar and  lean over the hole  to find a way to take his picture.
Searching for diamonds.  It is too bad that the people of Sierra Leone do not benefit from their country's rich resources.
Another blanket for another baby.
New blanket for a baby soon to be born.

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