Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day in Liberia

January 28, 2012

Dear Family & Friends,

Today we visited the ministry of health concerning their water testing for our wells, looked at more sites for latrines and wells, and visited Oxfam and had them take us to their first biofill toilets.  They put them in private houses for testing.

Man it was hot today, but we got back to our hotel earlier than normal.  Life is good when you realize over and over again how very lucky you are that you were born in the USA! We leave for the airport tomorrow afternoon for our three-in-a-row flights back home.

On the way this morning I finally got a picture of the billboard of the boy who took top honors in his school.

A final note about our trip.  We have been in many homes in Africa and each time I get the same feeling.  As we went into the home where the Biofill latrine was I became instantly depressed.  It was no doubt a home built when the English were here.  The cement house had no light in the narrow hallway, making it even more depressing than looking at old, ground in, dirty concrete.  Only one at a time could squeeze in to look at the bathroom, probably the finest thing they had ever owned to preserve their dignity.  Yes, we are a truly blessed people!

Love from Liberia.  See you soon.

Jim & Karen, mom & dad, E/S Greding

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