Wednesday, January 18, 2012

He is sending the bucket back up full of dirt and rocks.
These two are beating the heck out of that stuff.  They are separating the grain or rice.  After that they still have to sift out the debris.  Then they dry the grain on tarps or cement slabs or even by the side of the highway.
This is the typical rigging for a well.  They use it to lower the bucket so they can fill it with dirt and rocks and send it back up again.  They also use it to get a man in and out of the well after it gets too deep for a ladder.  He simply wraps the rope under his bottom, holding it with one hand while the other hand holds the top of the rope as he is hoisted in or out of the well.
We handed out some dolls, shirts, cars to the children of the amputees.
This is Lucia's driver.
This is Lucia who is teaching in the district.  The only way she can  cover this area is on a motorbike.   She had just arrived after we did at the amputee camp so that she could teach a hygiene lesson.
This is the fine compound that has been built for the war amputees.  They have a large, open area and very nice housing.  They apparently don't do anything for themselves, which is too bad as they have many able bodied young men there who also have prostheses that seem to work very well.  They are not only handicapped, but they are handicapped because they have been taught that they can't do anything without anyone else's help.
When the hole is not too deep, they use a ladder.  Later they use a pulley.
I felt sorry for this guy.  He had already hit rock and the digging bar was rebounding  back at him.
Jonathan on the left with his new LDS Charities shirt on.  In the middle is one of the hygiene trainers, a returned missionary who served in Ghana.  He said the work was very much like doing missionary work.
I am so glad we are finally doing this well.  Last year the hole was dug deeply, but not yet to water before it was stopped.  The community had refused to bring the sand and stone so they moved to another spot.  The problem then was that they not only left the hole dangerously open, but vines had grown over the entire well and well area and unless you knew the hole was there, you would never see it.  I am surprised they did not lose a child or animal in that well.  Let's hope that they finally bring what is required!

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