Friday, April 17, 2015

Last pictures from Sefwi

These next few pictures are of the same community.  This is what they call a bicycle pump, because it is like pumping up a bicycle tire.  It is very dirty around the well.

Also, the pump handle is missing some parts.

And this is their soak-away.  It is interesting that their community looks very clean, but they need some hygiene training.  This soak-away is a mosquito breeding pond and this bad water goes back into the earth where eventually it will spoil the clean water that they are getting from the well.  My favorite soak-away is when they plant a small garden where the run-off water can do some good and not cause problems.

This is the same community; they are also having a problem with a leaking latrine.

In this same community someone gave them a solar powered pump that gets the water into the tank above.  The only problem with solar power is that when it breaks, it is too technical for them to fix.  So we are having them fix their hand pump problems, and we are going to attach power to the pump to get water up to this tank for a mechanized system.
This community pulls water from the stream until it goes dry, after which they dig until they get water again.  They let the dirt settle to the bottom and use the top of it for drinking without boiling (they say the taste is not good when they boil--you have to put air back into it by shaking it up a bit or stirring but they don't know this).  They get diarrhea a lot they say (ya think?!)

Same community.

Check out the interesting hair on the lady on the back row in pink--love it!
I love the hair on this cute little girl.  I love how the dads here obviously adore their little children.

If you check closely you will see that this dress sparkles.  We don't usually see such a pretty dress in these back villages--she looks like she is going to a dance.

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