Saturday, April 18, 2015

Back to Kumasi, Ghana

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Last night about dinnertime, just before we received our ordered dinner, it began to rain.  April Dever and I were in the office since it is cooler there, but when we got our food delivered into the hot building where they eat (we eat outside) it began to rain in buckets.  We got drenched just walking the few steps from the one building to the other.  We both looked like drowned rats.  We were so thankful that this didn’t happen on our site visits because the roads might have become impassable. 

After breakfast and checking out of our hotel, we had wanted to meet with the district to go over what we had seen, what we thought about the different communities, and to give them an idea of how they can get their communities ready for a water project, or not.  It is so sad that the most needy communities may not take care of their wells unless they show us that they can become more organized, earn their money, fix what they have, or show us some leadership skills.  It has been our sad experience in the past that sometimes the needier they are, the less likely they are to keep the project going.  Education and training are the keys to success.  It was also sad that only one man showed up for the meeting because they don’t meet on Saturday and many live far away from the office.  The man we met with just took notes because he wasn’t really the best one to talk to.  Not a good showing on their part either.

If you look closely, you’ll see that these logs have been dug out to use for boats. 

Our lovely room, soft bed, at the Golden Bean Hotel

After our meeting we drove back to Kumasi to see if the Golden Bean Hotel understood that we needed one day added to our stay.  Even Clarence had a hard time making them understand, and he knows the language!  We were grateful to learn that we did have a reservation for that extra night!  This time we have a superior room; other than not having the extra TV or balcony, it is large and beautiful.  They even have an official office chair at the computer desk and their rugs are fluffy—one of my favorite parts.  There is also another soft chair/piece of furniture/full length mirror.  This place is awesome!  I think we could live here awhile.  Two nights here, church tomorrow, one night in Accra, fly back late Tuesday night, arrive home Wednesday.

Love, from the Golden Bean Hotel

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