Sunday, April 19, 2015

A few pictures from Kenroses Hotel and the Golden Bean Hotel

Above and below: the Golden Bean Hotel has lots of weddings.  This one was set up with all white and gold decorations.  Even though this photo doesn't show it, all those chairs are a bright gold.  

Note the red walkway provided for the newlyweds to walk on.  They play loud music till about 10:30 PM during these weddings, which don't bother us.  Jim just sleeps, and I'm awake anyway.

The Golden Bean also has these tent buildings used for other large activities, and often save the day when it rains, as it often does here during the season at night.

This is just part of a millipede, which we saw while eating breakfast at the Kenroses Hotel.  We often saw corpses in the villages we were at, but this one was living and moving fast. 

When we were serving in Peru in the summertime especially, we had to deal with massive amounts of flies while preparing and eating our food.  Each morning at the Kenroses we would sit at the table waiting for our food.  Already there were flies on the table without food, no doubt from the night before.  They wipe off the tables, but I think I'd like to introduce the staff to Lysol Spray.  So while eating each morning we would bat flies with one hand and eat with the other.  Sometimes we'd try to lure them to another spot on the table to keep them away from our breakfast.

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