Friday, April 17, 2015

Last Days in Sefwi

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I am back to my happy place.  Today was so much better.  It was not that we didn’t sweat a lot, but the day was so much easier because: we got back at about 2 PM, we only saw 5 sites, one of the places had fans, it was early enough in the day to be a bit cooler and the ‘fans place’ happened in the middle of the day when we needed them the most.  It appears that I’m going to live after all…I even had time to do some wash.

Interesting facts: (1) small, black butterflies hatch this time of year to eat the mangoes.  There are swarms of them but we can’t seem to capture a picture of them.  We hope birds eat them so that they don’t destroy the mango crop.

(2) Clarence is actually in a line that he could become a chief—too bad he doesn’t have time!  He used to have time when he was young to be an artist.  His grandfather was a renowned artist.  His aunt was the first to join the church, along with some of her family, and Clarence spent time with her so he also joined.  He met his wife at a church activity.  He said it was actually called ‘fishing’.  She fished, he said, and she caught him.  We think she used fufu as bait.  Have you heard of African fufu?

(3) Did I tell you that on the forms for water committee meetings that they have a place for an opening and closing prayer?  These are religious people here in Africa.
This is a cooking stove made out of clay.  It has 3 points and the wood or coals are put inside under the pot.  These are all outside.

Friday, April 17, 2015

This morning I woke up at 4 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep so I did some more washing.  I have to endure one more night on this bed.  Clarence is staying at the same hotel but is in another building.  Jim said that there was a pool table in his building.  I think they made a mistake and put the pool table in my room—oh, my aching back!

Above & below: Our last meeting Friday was held in this church.  See if you can see how beautiful the ceiling is.  We got to sit on the cushy chairs.    

Friday afternoon:  We got back just before 4 PM, but the reason the day was not so difficult is because we were driving a long way to get to the areas and had plenty of time to cool off in the air conditioning.  Because of my lack of sleep, I did have trouble at one place trying to stay awake.  It was a pleasant day in comparison.  We will be meeting with the District in the morning and then driving to Kumasi.  After tonight, a soft bed is in my forecast.

Love, from the Kenroses Hotel.

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