Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Getting to Sefwi Wiawso, Ghana

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This morning we met Dever’s in the hotel lobby at 9 AM and checked out of our beautiful spot of heaven.  We picked up Clarence, who is with us to interpret as we visit a new area to see if we will do water projects.  We stopped by to see Stanley, one of the men who is drilling wells for us in Amansie West, the project we are working on now.  We drove till 2 PM when we arrived at a recommended hotel, the Kenroses in the Sefwi Wiawso District.  We were glad to know that they put us in the suites or else we would not have known how special they were (just kidding).  I suspect I’ve become a spoiled brat at the Coffee Bean Hotel.  The room is large, with a king sized bed.  The mattress is brick hard, but not unusual for here.  The air conditioner works very well.  The fridge works.  They have a standing closet for our clothes with both shelves and a place to hang our clothes.  There is a small table for our computers.  They have a tiny hot water heater above the tub, which means our showers will be warm.  The main floor tile looks quite good so I think they have done some refurbishing.  The sink is new, the toilet and tub are old.  The bathroom has a unique kaleidoscope of tiles, some on top of each other, with odd little objects sticking out of the tile that they no longer use.  The toilet seat is broken, but this is also typical.  They have Wi-Fi, which took a bit of trouble to hook up (and for them to fix) and it is a bit slow.  I just have to become patient again.  Jim tells me the TV has 3 channels.  We don’t see a pool so Clarence will be sad.  We have a balcony, so I can wash and hang out some clothes, and already got some washed and dried before dinner.  Since we will be here most of the week I get to unpack once again.  There are always things to be very happy about!  As for the bed, we’ll just pack our hips with extra pillows.

The Kenroses Hotel, looking rather pristine from this picture.


The eating area. The enclosed eating area that they do not bother to air condition, so we eat outside as it is cooler there, cooler, not cool. 

We went down for dinner and all ordered something different and all got the same food, almost exactly.  After dinner I tried out the shower.  It has a nice wand that has good spray, but it got away from me a couple of times (no shower curtain) and I ended up with a wet floor, a wet makeup bag, and wet hair (I had decided not to wash my hair).  So I washed my hair.  I had to have the gal come and mop the floor—embarrassing.  We were off to a good start in the Sefwi Wiawso District.

Above and below: In Africa they are quite religious, and among their many billboards a great many of them advertise special events like Easter, revivals, general things like Christ is coming with a scripture reference.  The Pentecostal Church must be the most attended because they seem to have a church in every little place we drive through.

Till tomorrow: sure to be a long, sweaty, hard day.

Love, mom & dad, Jim & Karen, E/S Greding

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