Friday, September 19, 2014

Pictures, Ghana

In many of the villages they had solar street lights!

This is what happens when a soak-away is not cleaned--perfect mosquito pond.

We saw several tether ball games going.

We saw many children with their interesting toys--it is a car, sort of.

A close-up of the bottom of this toy.

They grow a lot of palm beans for oil and palm wine.

This is a drainage ditch that the community didn't care for.  All they had to do was remove the debris so that the water would go through the ditch instead of running down the road, causing gullies in the wrong places.

This community was always working, but they didn't bother to keep their community clean.

A young man weaving.

These kids have had a lot of practice having their pictures taken

Got a roofer handy?

Our other meetings were held under trees--these villages had interior courtyards to meet in.
I took a picture of this lady because I thought she was so pretty.

At least they marked this road hazard.

One of our refurbished wells--very well used, still working, but we wonder how long as they sort of abuse the pump and there is no crowd control.

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