Saturday, September 27, 2014

Last of the pictures in Ghana

I really did like the grounds of the Sky Plus Hotel.  There were stairs everywhere as it is built on the side of a mountain.

In front of the office at the hotel.
The beginning of the rocky trail was easy.

It quickly became slippery and difficult.  Note the flip flops people wear here to navigate this trail to the spring.

Before hand-hauling those tanks, the women waited a long time to collect water from this spring before it was developed.

Above and below: I saw this snail shell and was glad to find it empty.

This is Atta on the left, who helped me down the trail.  He wanted his picture taken next to a councilman.

Up high in the mountain village, fish and veggies for sale.

The last day of traveling.  Panters, local councilman, right hand man to Angela who traveled everywhere with us; Joseph, Clarence and another man from the council who was with us.

One spot to look at possible wells was at a monkey sanctuary.  

The path to the monkeys--we did not go see the monkeys.

Welcome to my village...
I liked this soak-away--best ones go into planted areas to keep water from standing and producing malaria ponds.

This was not our well.  The well top was stones in concrete, which as you can see did not last.  Many culverts along roadsides were made in this fashion.
High up the mountain the children use stones to make cool looking chairs.
Up the mountain--this village was built with materials that were walked up before they had a road.
They are putting in the culverts before paving the mountain road that scared Clarence.
This site was in the city of Ho, near the area we looked for well sites.
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Angela walking from the parking lot at the top of the road up the mountain, about to walk into her home village.
Note the little 'balls' on top of this chief's sandals.  We saw many of these almost exclusively on the feet of chiefs.  Some we saw looked like pom poms.
These are the people that hiked down their hill to the village below.  They are making a motorcycle path between the two villages--there is no way but to hike to get there.
We took the ferry this time because it was not as busy as before.  It costs 8 CD or about $2.50 to take the ferry, which is faster than the 1 hour drive-around if it is not busy that day.  It is a short ride.
They are repaving this road and this is how they mark where to drive--no orange cones here.
This is where you can't drive above, so you drive on the lower part.  There is no such thing as someone stopping you at one end--you do it yourself--note the car coming at us.
Riding on the ferry.
On the ferry.
I love clouds, and they have beautiful clouds while we are on the ferry.
They have lots of sheep and goats in Ghana, these taking a ferry ride.
The nice hotel but without all the people--no longer a vacation day.  I'd love to come here to take a vacation without all the people.
 At the hotel--can you see 2 guinea hens?
The front of the hotel
 This is an oak tree--sure doesn't look like ours in CA; below: white manikins seen in front of many stores in towns along the way.  Wish they had Black ones.
They do not allow hawking on the ferry, so they try to get you before you get on; but they hawk on the ferry anyway.

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