Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pictures Day 8 Ghana

Maize in the village: a young, tall, slender woman with a baby on her back and a long stick spent a great deal of time keeping the goats from eating the corn.

A better-off community's veranda.

Do you think they might need clean water?

Another African clothesline.

We think this might have been a Pentecostal church because of the drum set shown here and the large speakers at the back of the church.

This is where it began to rain very hard, with thunder and lightening; it rained so hard on the tin roof that no one could hear what anyone was saying.

I never tire of taking pictures of beautiful women and their darling little children.

The wealthier village where they didn't collect money, didn't have a bank account, didn't fix their broken wells, but wanted us to help them...but they did have a nice facility that I got to use.

A broken borehole--it will probably have to be replaced.

The limping chief shown in the center is the first one that we had to stand for.  There were other chiefs in this meeting, but this was the high chief and he showed up after we were sitting down.  Perhaps that's why we all had to stand up when he came in.
We went into a lot of villages set inside the jungle.
The simple but nice Ho District Building. 

This is Angela, the appointed mayor of this district.

A typical veranda in a poor village.

How did I know that this was a poor village school?
This is how I knew it was a school.

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