Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pictures, Ghana, Day 1

Elder Bullock loves to play with the kids--he teaches them to whistle holding his thumbs and blowing, balance a stick on his finger, and juggle and some try to imitate him.
I think I can do this too!

We are really in the jungle here.

This is just one of the boreholes that feeds the water into a tank on a tower, and then comes out of the faucets.  A nice water system when you have electricity like most do here, even in some of the poorest villages. 

This man owns a lot of cattle!
At breakfast at the Biriwa Beach Hotel
I am sure this used to be a beautiful hotel, but now it needs a bit paint and a few minor repairs.
This would be a lovely pond, but it looks a bit green and probably enjoys a healthy mosquito population.
A view of the beach below the hotel.
The pool overlooking the beach, that we didn't have time to use.
A better view of the beach from the terrace by the pool.

We were impressed at how sophisticated their growing system was--these are pineapples, of course.

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