Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pictures, Day 2 Ghana

Notice the dhow on the sea, below St. George's Castle

Canons guarding St. George's Castle
People often leave memorials for those who died here or were sold.

Jim got a good laugh about this toilet plaque that said the bathroom was handicap accessible--of course, first one had to climb the uneven stairs with no handrail!

Fishermen repairing their nets below the fortress.  This is a famous sea port for fishermen.

Professional laundry equipment LDS Charities gave to the psychiatric hospital and compound.
One of our church buildings, just below the castle.

A plaque inside the castle.

The building in the middle of the courtyard in the fortress was where the chapels were--sometimes one religion, sometimes another, depending on who was in charge of St. George's Castle.  Where were the religious people when all this was going on?  I think they were there too--consciences in tact?  Unbelievable!

Self explanatory!

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