Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pictures, Nepal

They painted the kiosk a pretty color.  Too bad the pipes leak a lot.
The ladies greeting us before the turnover ceremony are members of the women's group.  Each water project includes a group such as this--after all, who fetches the water anyway?

I love their colorful tents!

The man with the gray hair is the head of CHOICE and also is the Branch President.  Several members also work with CHOICE, but not all.  They all have their T-shirts on.

Elder Rempp receiving his award in the very pretty carved wood frame.

Everyone was taking pictures.  The man in the middle is their favorite driver.  We often saw a man with a very expensive camera clicking away and knew he was from the press.

Sister Rempp by the LDS Charities sign she had made for turnover ceremonies.  They did mention our name many times--they are beginning to understand we expect them to name the donors instead of taking all the credit.  They have improved immensely.

A very nice vent on the water tank.  However, did it occur to them that this would allow smoke and dust and other contaminates to enter into the clean water?

Another way for dirt to enter the tank.  Perhaps they can think of a better way to have an opening to the water.

A very light day of traffic.  Motorbikes weave in and out of traffic, like little knats, kind of scary. 

The beautiful hotel we stopped at for lunch one day.  The Park Village.

Same hotel, Kiran from CHOICE with E/S Rempp.

Park Village Hotel entrance.

In Park Village Hotel complex--some kind of humanitarian building.

The spill-over at the pool at the hotel.

Traveled on to check out an old project, one where we had attended a turnover ceremony in 2010.  As we walk up, we see all the vairous waterlines that many use to bring water to their areas, many from different springs than ours.  Each group registers their own spring, giving them single access to it, and all those people will pay for their spring water.

When last here in 2010 (this is at the spring tank) we were not mentioned as having anything to do with this project.  We were happy to see that they did add our sign as the donors.  However, we noticed that a bush was growing in front of our sign, not theirs.  Elder Rempp stepped on the plant, knocking it down.  Sister Rempp noticed that a local man with us was not very happy that he did that!

Local community leaders at the water tank, plus Elders Greding & Rempp.  The man standing on the right is in mourning, probably for his father.  Men wear white for one year following the death, the period for mourning.

Because my service is slow, I will continue to add pictures as I have time and the Internet cooperates.

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