Friday, April 26, 2013

Pictures, after the fact...

We've been home for about a week, but still fighting a bit of jetlag and Jim still getting over being sick.  His worst day happened to be the day we flew home--a miserable flight for him.  He is still coughing but feeling much better.  Elder & Sister Rempp sent me some of their pictures of our travels:

Receiving our award for bringing water to a hospital.  Sister Rempp on my right.

Just one of the several government people we met at their offices.  The lady in red was recently appointed and we really did enjoy our few minutes' visit with her.

A woman and one of her goats--so picturesque.

Above & below, it was fun taking a rickshaw!  They don't get as much money as a taxi but they sure work harder on the uneven pavement.

Jim checking on a holding tank below the spring.

We have our tika's and we are ready for a long hike up the rice field 'steps'.

Someone had left a fun piece of equipment at this little school up on the mountain.

The strength of these older women in Nepal is amazing--these bushes are so heavy you can't believe it.

An incredibly beautiful picture taken by Carol Rempp.

Dancing with the little old gentleman who later became my 'hoist' up the ancient rice fields.

At the beginning of one of our hikes to a spring.

Brother of the groom, looking pretty fancy himself.

The beautiful but treacherous Mt. Everest.

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