Thursday, April 18, 2013

More pictures, Nepal

It is always a sad thing to see, nothing but garbage in their rivers.

We saw people playing lots of different games in Nepal.  This is of course a card game but we also saw boys playing volleyball.  We also saw soccer (football) but not nearly as much as we do in Africa.

We noticed that this woman left her taps open.  This is the dry season and the water is scarce, so we are asking her why she is doing this--others below her won't receive as much if she does this.  She claims it is so that she will know when they turned the water on, and yet she knows what hours they turn it on.

To keep the taps from splashing, they put rags on the ends, which of course is not going to keep the water clean.  They need to add a nozzle, not a rag!

This woman had a nozzle, a very clean area, and also some of those really large black tanks that hold water.  She collects as much as possible to store in these containers so that she has water all through the dry season.

It was so surprising to see all these expensive homes in this area.  Those connected to our last water project are not wealthy, but there are many, many new homes, all quite grand.  The grey house is owned by a wealthy German businessman.

The hotel where we met dignitaries from the government that we have to work through to do our projects.  Rakesh has so many friends in the government and he is the one who can get anyone to see us, or us to go to their offices to meet them.
I think the man at the right is the most influential of the group of politicians that we had dinner with at he request of Rakesh.  All of them have to do with our projects, which include water, sanitation, neo-natal resuscitation, wheelchairs, vision, emergency relief, etc.
Rakesh with one of his political friends, that he invited to our dinner.

Sister Rempp with the woman in the government--why can't I remember exactly what they do, except that it has something to do with what WE do!

This is a better picture of Priti, returned missionary from the Nepal Branch.

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