Saturday, April 13, 2013

More pictures, Nepal

Kiran's daughter accompanied us during one day of travels.

Jim accepting our award plaque because LDSC brought water to their hospital.

Pretty ladies in their pretty dresses.  They live in the village at the bottom of the ancient rice paddies that we climbed to see the spring.


Elder Rempp with a goat.  He has chickens, large black ones, that lay eggs for him and he is thinking about also having goats!  We saw his pen in his yard where he rents a house in Kathmandu.

Children in the hills, perhaps will repair their latrines and bring water to their school.  We kept trying to get them to smile, with some success.

Two pretty ladies, one young, one old, living in the hills, in great shape from walking up and down them.

He was so proud of his son, or is that his grandson?

This woman wanted to show me how this child could give me his 'Namaste' greeting.

This was a very grand and out of place water tank, or should I say tanks, all connected and all full of water.  It is well constructed and even Rakesh does not know who built it or that it was even there.  There was enough water in these tanks to service an entire large city.

This is the sitting area of our hotel room--the junior suite they gave us for some reason without us asking for an upgrade.  When we work hard, our place of abode becomes our temporary home and it always feels like we are coming home when we get back here.

Our one hour of rest this day.  We sorely needed it!  The water was what you would call 'refreshing'.  It felt good on our hot and tired bodies.

This is on the main highway up in the mountains, but it is happening all over the main roads in the towns of Nepal--they are widening the roads, which are sorely needed, but they have been tearing down houses and businesses to do so.

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