Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Billy Goats Gruff

Monday & Tuesday, May 1-2, 2017

The Carley’s picked us up at 9:30 to begin our hikes up (or down) to the projects. 

We eased into our day as we walked up the hill from the Mission Office to a couple of area projects Carley’s had done.  They put in some Milla tanks and city water was being driven up there to fill them.  They charge for the water, pay their bill for the city water, and make a little money on the side.  After this, Sister Caley and I went to the mission office while the guys rode motor taxis up the hill to check out part of the spring development project.

An area water project; city water delivered to tanks, paid for out of monies collected by community.  One of the men that spoke on Sunday is chairman of this project.  He is a good guy.  We suggested that they build a covering for the tank, add gutters and collect rainwater to fill the tanks, saving money during the rainy season.  Also, the tank will last twice as long if it is covered.

This is the place Jim & Don Carley went to on the motorbikes, which is up a hill that he doesn’t like to drive to.  They are expanding the collection boxes because the large amount of water needs to be captured.  This is in the dry season, and still they get large volumes of water out of these springs.  When we are finished with these projects it will help thousands easily access clean water.  This is just one of several places that are being developed.

These projects were turned in earlier this year and recently got approved.  We drove to the first place, but after that it was walking down to a project, and then walking back up.  The problem with the walks was the gravely road that we often slipped on as we trudged down the hills.  Then we would encounter large rocks, or small trails strewn with large rocks, holding onto our husbands so we wouldn’t fall on our bottoms.  The problem also was of course the heat and humidity, but luckily I was sweating like a little piggy, which keeps me from getting sick.  Today I actually wore pants, something I rarely do because they are hotter than dresses, but for hiking, essential. I also left my umbrella and borrowed a hat from Sister Carley because I couldn’t hold an umbrella and hold onto rocks as I hiked.  I also wore tennis shoes for hiking instead of sandals.  We sought out shade whenever we could, and when we stopped we sought out rocks in the shade so we could sit while the men jabbered on.  We took the contractor with us. 

This was the only place we were able to drive to, to check out the spring development projects.  The area next to the new spring development box had lots of gardens.  It was beautiful here. 

Towards the end of the day we sent the men on their way on their own with my camera (nothing was done yet in that place) while Sister Carley and I went back to the hotel and drank a soda, ate Kit Kat and sat by the air conditioner.  The men were soon done and joined us for dinner. 

Tuesday was no different as we continued to look at area projects, this major water project, and possible future water projects.  Freetown is built on the side of hills, so we had lots of hiking to do.  We come home sweaty and dirty from head to toe, but at least we are getting our exercise! 

This project is in the middle of construction.  The water they have accessed is pouring out of the pipe and the water is so pure. 

The beginning of our first long hike down through slippery little rocks, later boulders.  The funny thing is watching little kids do these walks with flip-flops and buckets of water on their heads! Without buckets they run past us up hill just to make us feel even more stupid.  We hang onto each other to keep from slipping or twisting our ankles.  This is E/S Carley beginning one of the walks.  They have made walking sticks, and they are very helpful.

Many pictures to follow.

Love, from Freetown—knowing they live in a hilly place and hiking the hills are two different things!

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