Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A very restful day!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Today we got to rest!  I didn’t know it would be, so I dressed in my tennies and pants.  Jim & Don went up to the site they always go to (Mende Well), to see how the project was progressing.  Sister Carley & I spent time in the office and we worked together on some things she needed to know about all the paperwork we need to do for projects.

Each morning the guys go up and check on the Mende well, the one where they take bike taxis to get up there.  Each time they see some progress.  Today they were pumping out the water so that they could pour a concrete wall to stop the flow.  Then they can pour more concrete in the box (walls and floor) where the water will be contained.

After this we traveled back to the handicapped latrine and saw the progress going on there.  We learned that the hand drilled well (that we saw on Monday) once again hit dirt, not water, and so they have to move elsewhere—not good (this was an area project of theirs).  We returned to the office, stopping for a chicken lunch, and did more paperwork with Carley’s before they returned us to the hotel on their way home. 

They have made progress on the latrine for the handicapped.  Jim checked the concrete work to see if it would be strong enough.  All the concrete work we’ve seen is okay.  The toilets will be in the sections on the right side, with two showers in the back where the men are standing. The hallway will be on the left. 

Tonight and tomorrow we will be washing clothes and doing paperwork—some for us and some to help the Carley’s.  It is good to stop and rest and get caught up and go to bed earlier than normal.

A woman sifting her water through cloth to clean it.

Children make this hiking look so easy!  It is steep and rocky!

My favorite picture of the trip.  The African hammock…

May we all get some rest…bye till tomorrow.

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