Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Freetown pictures from our hikes

The beautiful, clean water out of one of the springs being developed.

Lots of water is coming out of the spring and it is at the end of the dry season.  When this project is completed they will be taking it out of taps from the holding tank.
The beginning of a new day and another hike--longer but easier till we got to he rocky bottom.
We got to cross on this unique bridge.
This is the tank at the bottom of the hill.  They are thinking of also taking it to a lower tank since there is plenty of water to share.  

It was very rocky down at the bottom; there was also a stream where people came to wash their clothes.
This was the most difficult hike.  We went to 'Down the Hole' and it was aptly named.  It went down a very long way and was very steep.  Coming back up was difficult (we could name it 'heart attack ridge') and embarrassing when little kids ran up the hill past us in their flip-flops.  
Two tanks at 'Down the Hole' with taps at the bottom and a man collecting fees per bucket.  A very successful area project that we might duplicate in the major water project.
A family barbecuing their fish--looks pretty good!
Last walk of the day to check out the stolen batteries for the solar panels.
The gardens are so lovely here!
This was the last place we walked to.  They had a tank up on a tower with solar panels that pumped the water up to it.  Someone stole their batteries (not our project).  We might cover this source and add a bicycle pump because the water is so close.

Sister Carley and me resting on some rocks; I borrowed the hat from Sister Carley.
Sister Clawson, Mission President's wife, invited us to join her and the Elders and Sisters for lunch.  It was transfers day and she had them 'sing for their supper'.  Many others joined us as we ate.
There are always rivers filled with garbage.
Jim had been up here before several years ago with Elder Burns, a former humanitarian missionary.  He noticed how much this area has grown since then.

A typical African iron
The contractor for the Freetown projects on the left.  If they can clean up the spring source and get more water here, they will refurbish the large concrete tank below.

The last place on the first day where Don & Jim went to.  This place will also be refurbished to access and collect more water to serve more people. The contractor is working hard to get everything completed before the rain begin in earnest.

A typical barber shop.

We will refurbish this huge tank because it is leaking and being undermined by rainwater, if they can get more from the spring source.  It is clogged above and also others are using the spring.     
We hiked down gravely roads, trying not to slip; we ended up in a rocky place where another spring development is in progress.
Standing on top of the capture box; the water will fill a tank below where they can collect water from the taps.
Painted on the rocks in this same area.
A very rocky place in this same area--a bit of a hike for us old folks.

Until the springs are developed they find creative ways to capture the water!
A lady was selling bark; you boil it and drink the liquid.  These are a natural cure for many diseases, such as malaria.
It's okay, this tire on the big lorry is on the inside...

Elder Carley says this guy's business does very well and his manicures and pedicures look really great!

I love to see community rules; this was by the Milla Tanks project.

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