Friday, May 5, 2017

A day at the beach

I just love taking pictures of the beach and the old fishing boats and the old way of fishing with nets.

I thought it looked rather random and messy the way they distributed or were grabbing the fish, but Amarachi told me that they have already paid for a certain number---those people are then selling to the hotels and restaurants.  The tiny fish are up for grabs for anyone who is not buying.

Jim with Alberta and Jessica--they think of us as their 'grandparents'.

We saw a lot of high rises going up around the beach and little fences being built on the sand where little restaurants will be springing up.

We see big rigs all over town as they pave all the roads--it is great!

Under the veranda: Jessica, Jim, Alberta, Martha, Amarachi, Jr. & JC.  Jim is named after Jim and JC after his dad.  Martha and Alberta and Amarachi, Jr. are actually sisters.  Jessica and the boys are cousins to each other and the girls.  

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