Friday, September 21, 2012

Visiting old wells in Bo, Sierra Leone

It takes a village to repair a well...unfortunately this needed to have the top removed, which means they needed a grinder.  It was not the easy fix we first thought it was.  They will have to do it themselves.

This young man wanted a picture of his baby--cute, indeed she is, and Sister Burns happy to hold her!

We were teaching them how to say 'cheese' and they finally understood why!

The guys were really in a mood to repair wells, but once again, the top needed to be  taken off!

We ran into the Elders--Elder Hill from New Mexico and the other Elder from Zimbabwe--don't ask me to spell his name!

We just can't help ourselves--we just love to take pictures of these cute babies!

Elder & Sister Burns want to help some schools.  We found this carpentry shop  and asked for a bid on desks, etc.  These people were located right by our hotel in Kenema.

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