Friday, September 21, 2012

Visiting Bo, Sierra Leone

Politics is in full swing.  In the Kenema & Bo areas it is the Red party.  In Turay's area they are the Green party.    This group was marching for the Red obviously.  They march down streets and clog up traffic, but it is fun to watch them.

Elder Burns, Elder Greding & Jonathan looking at the well project at Mercy Hospital.  The church will be drilling a new borehole and Jonathan will be assisting E/S Burns on this project.  The previous well was broken and could not be repaired, so a new one will have to be drilled.  At the present time they are paying for water to be delivered to their tanks, but it is not good for drinking.

This place is making wheelchairs.  The church has commissioned them to build 50 wheelchairs to donate to the Mercy Hospital.   The church will also be doing a neonatal resuscitation project.

We thought how like a Dr. Seuss tree this was!

Inside Jonathan's house.  One day they will finish the main floor, and later add on a second story.   They have a ready made family now of six children, all relatives of both sides of the family.

This is a 2009 well that has rock that the city council claimed they would break for them so that they could have their clean water.  Are you surprised that they haven't done it yet?  We may decide to help them, but not before we have the community make a nuisance of themselves by sitting in their offices for a week in protest.

Jonathan & Amarchi's house, standing on the veranda.  They are working on it as they have time and money.

Notice that this well has a fence that is growing!  They are taking care of this well, fixing it when it breaks!

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