Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pictures, Lumley Springs, Kissy & Wellington springs

Check out those beads on this girl's hair!

Jim, holding homemade barbells!

Just think how beautiful this spot would be without the garbage.  The pathway was lined with old cloth,  sandals,  underwear, plastic bags, etc.

Check out these boys's football (soccer) net.  We promised we'd bring them a new ball (theirs was flat and made of some type of plastic) if they would bring us a needle and pump to blow it up.  We will also give them some uniforms.

It is always a surprise to see a church building of ours in Africa.  This one is in Kissy.  Out back they are going to  do a church garden and a room addition.

This boy was at the church and said he was going to go on a mission when he grew up.  His parents sell rice for a living he said.  I gave him my old backpack (his left hand) because Jim kept telling me I looked like a 'bag lady.'  Inside the backpack was a little bit of money tucked away that Sister Burns added.

Two Branch Presidents leading us up this hill towards what they call Thunder Mountain.   Late in the day we could see why they called it that--yep, it sure does thunder!

From up above you have fantastic views of the ocean.

We are always amazed at little children that carry these big buckets of water on their heads.  You should see the trail they have to walk up in order to bring it home.  We had to put our hands down so that we wouldn't fall during our climbs.

This is the water point of one of the many water collection points at the springs in Kissy and Wellingon.

Sister Burns getting mobbed as she shows them the picture she just took of them.

This little girl never smiled.  She was losing her drawers so Jim held her bucket so she could pull them up.  Some of these children are 5 years old but look to be 3.  

To the left and behind the white house is a slightly yellow house.  This belongs to the Branch President that took us around to all the sites in the area.

The Branch President and 3 of his 4 children.

Believe it or not, this is the street we are driving on.  This is taken out of the front window.  You can't see the cars mixed in with them in this shot.  Our entire trip around Kissy was like this--we just inched along.  We went so slowly we were able to buy my backpack and some rags for Sister Burns.

This is part of the renovation of the Country Lodge eating area.  We sit outside but it was also redecorated.  On the left is the gold sofa, although it looks silver in the picture.  I had to giggle--gold sofa?

The views from the Country Lodge eating area are always beautiful at sunset over the ocean.

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