Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waterloo rehabs, first day check

Elder & Sister Petersen, who used to serve in Sierra Leone and became good friends with Turay, gave him these tomato plants.  They were excited about how successful they were.

Turay and son Prince showing off their tomato plants

Princess and Prince, soon to be adding a third.  What do you name #3 when Prince and Princess are already taken?  I guess we will find out in the Fall.
Day one: looking at well rehabs in Waterloo.  This is a picture of a good  one.  Of the 12 wells Jim checked on, half looked like this one, half of them have to be redone.

These boys made a toboggan for their dusty ride!

This is a picture of what not to do.  They added their too-dry  mix  and added it to a sandy surface.    It was a very thin coat, also missing some cement.  No matter whether our site monitors are good ones (they show up on the job), or bad ones (that don't show up), they don't seem to understand that their job is to make sure this doesn't happen.  This, among others will be fixed to our liking.  Also, there is a 90 day check, which will tell us if they are going to last or not.

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