Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jonathan's building a house

Jonathan standing in the living room of his new house, which  he thinks they can move into  in about a year.  It has four small bedrooms, two small bathrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen and small study.  He is learning a lot about good concrete so this will help him build a sturdy house.  This will be a wonderful blessing for their family.

Jonathan dug his own well, but has not lined it yet.  It will pump water to a  tank, which will be used  in the house he is building in Bo, Sierra Leone.  He is considering generators or solar panels or both to give them electricity--city power does not reach his property.

On the way to Jonathan's house we stopped by to see Schlehuber's and learned that she just got over typhoid!  They are having quite a time of it.  We also learned that Jonathan's construction company is doing all the repairs to their home so that it will become inhabitable.  Each time we visit we see how much better they are.  In a month they will be all set up.  They will have been the ones that put this house together for anyone else that follows them--real pioneers!

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