Monday, April 11, 2011

Pictures, Chyulu Hills, Kenya

The downstream side of a sand dam.  The water at the dam filters through the sand, making it clean.  It goes into the acquifers, feeding the hand pumps.  The runof here is used to water the animals.
What is this I asked?  Frog spit!  I learn something every day!  This is what little froggies do when they are about to get eaten--it is their defense mechanism.

This is a really nice clean water hand pump.  When the pumps were located nearer the school buildings, they were in much better condition.  They were able to keep the fences up, well sites clean, and the runoff went into their shamba (garden), eliminating mosquito-growing ponds.

These little monkeys were abundant at Man Eaters Lodge.  The waiters would use their sling shots to keep them from stealing the food while we were eating.  One fast little monkey got away with a piece of Sister Tuttle's roll.  He was so quick it was funny and cute!

We don't see very many of these in Africa--a swing set!

We left some homemade baby blankets donated from friends in America to this lady in the clinic.  A well was also donated there.  She is also holding one of the plaques stating where the well was donated from and that it belonged now to the clinic.

This is the site monitor's wife and daughter.  She woke her little girl up from her nap so she was quite groggy when we gave her a doll.  After a while she was playing happily with her new 'baby.'

We came across this little outdoor classroom and wondered what they were up to.  We realized that
the teacher had made mud clay and had the children fashion the alphabet--so clever!  We saw the work of one child--his alphabet was perfect, except that it was an exact mirror image--dyslexic?  

I love the beautiful acacia trees that the giraffe are able to eat
from regardless of the very large thorns.  Also note the
weaver bird nests hanging off the ends of the branches.  The
male weaver bird has to make the nest for his little wife.  If
she doesn't like it, she dumps it off and makes him do it again!

The beautiful Mzima Springs where the hippos hang out with a couple of crocks.  We saw the hippos but not the crocodiles this time.

We've never seen this type of turtle before, inside Tsavo Game Park out of Kilaguni Lodge

We saw so many of these little miniature deer-like animals; they are so tiny (Dik Dik) so we're sure they are the bottom of the food chain, but the population seems to have grown anyway.  They are always in pairs--if you see one, you soon see their mate.
This giraffe looked pretty beat up and old but didn't mind posing for pictures.

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  1. The kids love these animal pictures! How cool that you get to live so near all the zoo animals. :)