Friday, April 8, 2011

On the side of the highway, going back and forth to Man Eaters Lodge.

On top of a sand dam that has not yet filled up with sand.  Gerald below, left, E/S Tuttle, & Jim

One block of latrines.  A Kenyan rule is that latrines will be far separated from each other--one for girls, and one for boys.  Some of the doors stick so they are being adjusted to keep the hinges and locks in place.
The beautiful baobob tree.

Typical classroom in one of the many schools we visited.

Oops, maybe they ought to fix this?

And this malaria breeding pond?  Just divert the water to the shamba and they've got it made.

Jim showing his magic trick--they are always enthralled

Cute dollies for some cuter, little girls...
Loved this picture of these cute little guys, hamming it up for the camera in their new soccer shirts.  Jim said he expects them to win their games now that they look 'smart'! 

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