Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just pictures, life in Liberia

The lady on the right is VERY proud of her well; she is the caretaker.  Her friend also wanted to be in the picture.

Cute kids, everywhere...

E/S Wollenzien on the left, Morris in the middle.  The old gentleman used to work for sewer and power and he is tired of waiting for the government to act; while the lady over the area tries to remove the man in the government waiting for his bribe that he won't get from us, this man is organizing the community to hook it up themselves, even though the city claims that only they an do it.  The fees have been paid; the bathroom has sat for two years unused; they are going to do it!

Jim years ago showed Liberian kids how to play hopscotch--it either caught on, or they already knew how... 

Repairing their fishing nets.

A kiln that they use to smoke their fish.

Elder Wollenzien helping out--bringing in the fishing boat.

New bathroom for deaf school boys.  They didn't have any sanitation facilities.

Elder Wollenzien even had them build a shower room as part of the bathroom for the deaf school boys

They use clear panels on the roof of the bathroom so that it won't be so dark inside.  It is like having a skylight.

This is a poster child of a will soon be dedicated and used, an area project of E/S Wollenzien's.   There is also a new bathroom for the school.  It is beautiful and wheelchair accessible.

A lady making soap.  I think they use palm oil as its base.  

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