Friday, March 15, 2013

Pictures, Fort National area, Haiti

This young man has made a business for himself--buys water from the truck and sells it--this is at one of our intended water points.

This is the best picture I could get of the ocean.  The air pollution is caused by the black smoke we see coming out of the back of cars.

Jim at one of the kiosks, the contractors in the back looking at plans to repair  broken  water pipes.

A very fine supermarket, the Caribbean, in Port Au Prince.

Berthony knew his cousin lived in the Fort National area, but he never thought  he would run into her.  She was living right next door to one of the kiosks we would like to renovate.
Typical narrow walkway with sewage and garbage alongside in the ditch.

Look at that cute girl with the pretty bows.

"Can I have a picture too? "  Sure, why not!

More garbage.

A nice so nice house in the area.
One of the kiosks we want to refurbish.  Julio and Berthony on the left.  They like to graffiti  in Haiti.

The rubble has been removed, but it does not look like these home will be rebuilt any time soon.

The kiosk where we found two families were using to sleep in.

Marie looking into the kiosk that had been taken over by two businesses.  They said they would move out  if the water were brought down to them.

Typical 3rd world need of garbage collection and hygiene training.
One of the narrow streets in between homes in Fort National area of Port Au Prince

There is some construction still going on in Haiti.

One of the tanks we want to use to bring clean water to the people.  Right now many are using them, making it their own business--they purchase water from a truck and sell it for more than it will cost when/if our project can be done.

Walking in between kiosks we want to refurbish and bring water to.  In front on the right, Julio with Leopaul Montes, project manager.  On the left in front, Jim with one contractor, in the back in the red, the other contractor.

The nicest house we saw in this area.  An old man across the street wanted us to build him a home just like this one.  He had a tarp in front of his dwelling.  I told him we were there to bring clean water to the area.

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