Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pictures, Sierra Leone

Sister Burns and I love to take pictures, most of these are from her camera.   We just love the trees in Africa.

We didn't realize that the wheelchairs we ordered to be made were on the same compound as this  handicapped orphanage.   We have been here several times and handed out donations.

Mugging for the camera--so cute!

They always want to see the picture I just took of them.

Puddles, puddles everywhere.

Forging streams on Thunder Mountain.

Forging traffic in Sierra Leone cities.

Baby asleep in a head pan.

Frolicking in the river.
Ladies, looking beautiful, while living in the dirt.

The African kitchen--always camping.

Check out the little girl in the printed pink dress and beaded hair.

The African bathroom.

Elder Greding training Elder Burns, looking overwhelmed (or bored).
When E/S Burns first arrived on left, with Randall's and Lauretzin's just off the dock.

We had just arrived, and happy to see Burns's again!

We can't stop taking pictures of how people get around.

At the amputee camp--they hit rock, only to be solved with a jack hammer.
While checking out the last of the wells Turay took them to see this infamous  place.   While  these people were selling each other to slavery, they brought them here so that relatives could not rescue them.  You go down these steps and there is a prison where they kept them.  There is also an underground tunnel that leads to the sea where they would put them on slave ships, never to be seen again.  

Bars on the holding cells.

We had promised these boys that we would bring them a soccer ball and some shirts, so on Saturday we took them down (they live just below the Burns's house).

This is the coach, who keeps all the shirts and the ball so that the shirts don't  'walk away.'

Here is the little team--cute!

They wanted us to see them play, so at the appointed time we watched their game.  It was fun to see that they even have warm-ups!  An older team plays before they do.  We were late, so they waited for us.
Beautiful African children, these are in Ghana.

All swimming, bathing & laundry, no matter the pollution.

These women are making palm oil--a very smelly affair--it looks like a witches  cauldron!

A ship near Freetown.

It's always raining this time of year, and it goes away--would be nice to keep it for later.

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