Monday, August 22, 2011

Pictures from Freetown

Jim talking with Mission President Roggia on the newest motorboat company to cross the bay from the airport to Freetown.  They serve drinks, it's air conditioned, and it is enclosed so that waves don't drench you.

Inside the motorboat.

Jim, just after getting out of the boat.

Elder Priddis and companion after delivering the Skittles.

The mission really needs these shirts and ties for all the African missionaries that will be departing soon--over 100!  They have some clothes that they collect so they can go, but they usually don't have more than one white shirt.

President Roggia and his wife holding the smaller white shirts.  He is excited to give them to younger boys so he can tell them that they can prepare for a mission now.

This car slid off the small dirt road above, which was no doubt muddy.  They are trying to fix this problem without the aid of a truck.  Will they keep it from toppling or running them over?  It is not a good picture, but I took it on the fly.

Our huge junior suite at the Country Lodge.  There are also three desks in this room and still lots of floor space.  We also have another bedroom with a single bed, that is full of shelves and closets to keep stuff in.  We've died and gone to heaven--all for the same price as a regular room.  They want to keep our business!

Our own, private patio out of the sliding doors.

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