Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the road again...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Or should I say, up in the air again… We departed home in the early afternoon yesterday and flew to London. Since there is no connecting flight available we had to stay overnight at the Marriott where the Church made reservations for us. We were here long ago once and I think they spruced it up a bit because our room seemed freshly decorated. The bed is comfortable and I know this because that is about the first thing I did when we got here—try out the bed.

I left home with a bad cold but Jim and our son Dan gave me a blessing. I felt like sleeping all day yesterday and through the evening till just after dinner on the plane when I finally ‘woke up’. Of course, once it was time to sleep, I didn’t feel like it, sick or not.

I sat next to a lady who is Armenian and lives in Glendale. Just on the odd chance I happened to mention that I loved this Armenian doctor who took care of my parents—sure enough, she knew him, even though he practices in Westlake, Dr. Krumian. Who would have thought? She was coming to England to visit her sister. She told me that her brother’s wife was probably dying of cancer and would I pray for her in Church. (I told her we did water wells for our Church so I presume that is why she asked me to pray.) She thought I had to be in my church to pray, but I assured her that I would pray for her right away and that I didn’t need to be in a church to pray.

We are in an executive guest room with certain privileges. I don’t know why, except I do remember signing up for their Marriott card a few years ago but forgot about it. The annoying thing is that we paid for a meal, which when listed in Euros doesn’t look so bad but is a whole lot more expensive in American dollars. When I finally woke up after my nap and had our dinner I was reading about ‘executive guests’ and found out that we could have eaten cold and warm hors d’oeuvres and other things for free! Jim might not have been satisfied, but I can be quite happy with little snacks and such. We also get to go down for free dessert this evening if we want to. Gee, I feel quite pampered! Also, I have to say that the best part of any room is if the mattress is good—this has a nice, pillow-top mattress--ahhhh…I won’t be saying that during the two plus weeks we’re in Kenya.

Tomorrow we have to be up early in time to get our breakfast and bus ride back to the airport for our mid-morning flight to Nairobi. Our assignment this time is to train a new couple that recently arrived who will be the humanitarian country directors for Kenya and Tanzania. They wanted our guidance, and we just love telling people what to do who actually might listen...

Jim, 'reading' with his eyes closed at the London Marriott on our comfy bed.

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